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Thank you for submitting your event information to Entertainment Fort Smith Magazine.  Please read our instructions carefully to complete your submission correctly. We have tried to make it simple!

Your submission is subject to editing and publication is subject to editorial approval.   Please go here to read our editorial guidelines and policies.  Approved events will all appear in the online calendar at www.efortsmith.com.

To be included in Entertainment Fort Smith Magazine, events must be submitted by this deadline: The 10th of the month preceding the publication deadline. For example: An Oct. 26 event must be submitted by Sept. 10 in order to appear in the magazine.  If you are entering your event too late for print publication, please be aware that it will be included in the online calendar, which is also used by hundreds of local readers, daily.

Some of the information we ask you to provide is required. Your event will not reach us if you do not enter information in a required field. Required Fields are marked with an asterisk (*).  If you do not enter information in a required field, you will be prompted to return and enter information. If necessary, phone (479) 494-1888 for help while entering your event.

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Read over your information one more time, and submit! If you make a mistake or have a correction or update, you may e-mail calendar@efortsmith.com. Restate all information you were trying to include in the form. You may phone (479) 494-1888 during business hours for "live" help. If you have problems with this form, just fax your information to (479) 494-1885 or mail to E Fort Smith, P.O. Box 1341, Fort Smith, AR 72902. Your submission is subject to editorial approval before publication. In most cases your event will appear on the online calendar within 24 hours of your entry.
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