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Relief for the Neck & Shoulders a Yoga Workshop

January 28, 2017
2:30 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Much of the chronic tension in the neck and shoulders comes from the habitual but unnecessary use of the neck muscles, and the resulting inability of the shoulder blades to move freely. Other factors include how we sit & stand, and our reactions to the mental and emotional stress in our lives. This workshop will focus on understanding why this is so, and how we change it. Working with increased awareness and good alignment will lead to greater flexibility and less pain. When new movement based on correct alignment is established, chronic restrictions and discomfort will naturally fall away. The result will be an increased range of motion, better posture & breathing, and a relaxed neck. This workshop is open to all levels of yoga experience, even absolute beginners. Instructor Stephen Saunders, out of Tulsa OK, has 20 years of yoga experience, 15,000 + hours of teaching "Yoga as Therapy" and extensive study in its application. Other studies include, Anatomy, Body Reading and Massage Therapy. He continues to be excited by the profound changes that the practice of yoga can bring to all aspects of an individuals life, regardless of age, circumstances or current condition.

Admission: $50

Event Location and Contact Information:
2712 Grand Ave
Fort Smith, Arkansas


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