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Gong Immersion

April 8, 2017
12:00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m.

Join Danny Vekas as he utilizes one of humanity’s most ancient musical instruments, the Gong, to illicit the sonic vibrations contained within it to immerse you in a sustained sound massage. The experience is meditative in nature where the sounds created by the gong engage the mind allowing the mental chatter of the waking awareness to be calmed. You will experience this gong bath / sound immersion in a comfortable nest created by you. Bring your pillow, blanket, eye cover and mat. You can even bring your Teddy bear. I ask that you open your mind, close your eyes and allow your breath to become deeper, more regular and quieter. There is no fixed rhythm to the sounds so the brain experiences entrainment, which is where the brainwave frequencies change states. Generally individuals encounter Alpha waves first, daydreaming, imagination, associative thinking, this is relaxation. Theta brainwaves occur in the dream state, dream sleep, REM (rapid eye movement) sleep and deep meditation. Theta brainwave frequencies are where the gong takes you most often; you enter a dreamlike or deep meditative state. The theta brainwave state is where healing and re-setting occurs. Some people have even entered the Delta brainwave state of deep sleep and that is ok, you may be in need of a brief deep sleep. As the session draws to the conclusion I will draw you back to the here and now, leaving you rested, energized and wanting more. The gong bath is regarded as an energy healing experience, because exposure to the sound can effect a positive and lasting change in the mind and physical body. While the most common experience during the gong sound immersion is a feeling of deep relaxation, peace and that of connectedness to where the Divine and Universal energies of existence merge with the consciousness. There are those, who on occasion have deeper experiences that included visions of colors, shapes, and symbols, while others have reported classical shamanic experiences of being taken on a journey and meeting spirit guides, totem animals or other benevolent entities.

Admission: $20.

Event Location and Contact Information:
2712 Grand Avenue
Fort Smith, Arkansas


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