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Yoga for Cross-Training - Cycling

June 17, 2017
10:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.

You know that in-the-moment feeling you love so much on your bike? You'll be delighted to find that flow in yoga, keeping a mindful, blissful groove going as you cross-train. What is cross-training? In reference to cycling, cross-training is when a cycler trains by doing another kind of fitness workout such as cycling, yoga, swimming, a fitness class or strength training, to supplement their cycling. It builds strength and flexibility in muscles that cycling doesn't utilize. For improving muscle strength and flexibility, yoga, can target specific areas of the body that need work. The best part about taking your workouts to the yoga mat, besides the sheer fun of it, might be the way they'll take your cycling to another, higher level. The strength built from yoga will help you feel more relaxed in the saddle, stay more focused while climbing and descending and give you added strength and flexibility in every phase of your riding. Conversely, when you go back to the mat, you'll be able to hold poses longer, and try those "too-advanced-for-me'' postures you might otherwise shy away from.

Admission: $25.

Event Location and Contact Information:
2712 Grand Avenue
Fort Smith, Arkansas


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