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Calendar Publication Guidelines

The Events Calendar appears monthly in Entertainment Fort Smith Magazine and daily on www.efortsmith.com, our companion website, for the interest of our readers. We welcome and encourage the submission or your event or activity!

Please read our publication policy below before submitting your event on our interactive calender web form.

Space in the magazine calendar is limited
. Events are included on a first-come, first-served basis and must be submitted by this deadline:


For this reason, some items may appear in the web calendar but not in the magazine. Please feel free to submit your event online even after the print deadline so that it may be included on the web calendar at efortsmith.com, which is viewed thousands of times per month.

What items are accepted for publication?

Due to limited space, editors give priority to events that are:

  • local (our readership area includes Arkansas and Oklahoma towns near Fort Smith, Ark.)
  • cultural, educational or entertaining in nature
  • free or low-cost admission
  • suitable for all age groups or specifically for kids
  • non-commercial

What items are NOT accepted for publication?

Because of space limitations, we regret that we cannot publish events primarily related to health education, disease prevention, medical treatment, support groups, regular club meetings or regular church events.
We encourage you to submit these items to local newspapers, who may regularly publish these items.


Entertainment Fort Smith gladly publishes items related to fundraising events for these causes and organizations when the public is invited. In other words, we do not have enough space for your monthly club meeting but we do have space for a festival or benefit performance that may raise funds for your club.


1. Cannot be published:
The Civic Good Works Club will meet at noon each Tuesday at Golden Corral.

Can be published
Nov. 11
Five-Band "Blowout for Backpacks"
The Civic Good Works club will present five local bands in concert to raise funds for its school backpack program. Soft drinks and hot dogs available. Tickets, $2 at the door.
7-9 p.m.
Fort Smith Convention Center
Rogers Ave. and South 9th St.
(479) 494-0000

2. Cannot be published:
The Fort Smith Chapter for Diabetes Education meets the third Thursday of every month at Sparks Regional Medical Center.

Can be published:
Nov. 12
6th Annual Day for Diabetes Cure

Run, walk or jog to raise funds for a cure. Release balloons in memory of a friend or family member. Free testing and educational pamphlets available for diabetics. Speak with medical personnel about managing your case.
10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Harry E. Kelley Riverpark
Fort Smith Riverfront
Fort Smith, Ark.

From time to time, service organizations or other groups may present a guest speaker or program of interest to the general public. Please consult with our editors to propose publication of the upcoming date.

What about events that aren't free?
Entertainment Fort Smith publishes many events that require admission fees or tickets, particularly for concerts, performances, plays, etc., based on who is presenting the event. Many ticketed events in this area are presented by schools, universities and non-profit organizations.

Please include the full admission price and ticket-buying locations in your entry. The editors reserve the right at our own discretion to inform you that because of higher admission prices or participation fees, you should consider placing a display advertisement. The calendar is not published as a free advertising venue for for-profit businesses.


3. Cannot be published: The Travel Pals Cruise Planners, Inc. offers a $2,500 package 5-day cruise of the Caribbean, double occupancy, airfare included.

This item would not be published in the calendar. The publishers would suggest you consult with our sales team for advertising rates. Our magazine would be a great place for you to advertise a discount cruise!

4. Cannot be published: On Pointe Dance studio is holding fall class registration for ballet lessons. $35 registration fee, $125 for 11 regular lessons.

This item would not be published in the calendar. The publishers would suggest you consider an advertisement for your dance school. An exception might be made for our "What To Do With A Bored Kid" issue in July, when some camps and lessons with fees are included.

How will I know that my event has been accepted or rejected?
No news is good news. The calendar editor may write email to you explaining why your entry will not be published. However, if your event does not appear on the web calendar it is likely that it did not meet our publication standards. We rarely reject events.

How can I suggest an idea for an article about my event?
Please, send us story proposals - with plenty of details. You may write the editors at or . Email is better than a phone call - we'll have a written reference to your idea and will respond when we are able. Please do not "drop in" with a story idea. The pertinent staff members may not be available. Email, fax or a letter are the most effective ways to contact us.

Remember, we almost never cover events after they have happened. Our aim with each magazine is to inform readers of upcoming opportunities and your aim should be to increase attendance. Please make your proposal as far in advance as possible. In any given month we are making plans for magazines two to three months in the future.

Ready to submit a calendar entry online? Go here.

For alternate ways to send in an event, see below.


Alternate ways to submit events:

This link will direct you to e-mail
Copy and paste or type this address into your e-mail form if the link does not activate your e-mail program automatically.

Include the following required information in your e-mail:

  • Date of Event
  • Name of Event
  • Description of the Event
    (include admission cost if applicable)
  • Time of event start/end
  • Location of event
  • Street Address of Event
  • Phone number the public may call for more information
  • Name and phone number of person submitting event. This will not be published unless it is the same as the public event. Please include this contact information in case the editors have further questions or need more verification about your event.
  • Web address if applicable

calendar entries to 479.494.1885

Mail to:
E Fort Smith- Calendar
P.O. Box 1341
Fort Smith, AR 72902

Deadline for consideration is the 10th of the month preceding the month in which you'd like it to be published. For example, a Sept. 19 event must be submitted by Aug. 10. If you have missed the print deadline, submit it to the web calendar where it will be viewed thousands of times per month.

If you have a high-quality photo or digital image to submit with your event, you may offer it to us. We will consider it for publication.
We cannot reproduce web images (72 dots per inch, gif or jpg files) in our print magazine.
Submit commercially printed photos, not those printed on an inkjet printer.
Send only high-resolution digital files.(Set your digital camera on the "highest" setting.)
If your photo is too large to attach to an email, please call the Graphics Department or send it on a CD or DVD.
Call 479.494.1888 and ask for the Graphics Department if you have any other questions about your images. We will be glad to help.

Compatible files:
150 dpi or higher digital files as jpg, eps, or tiff files, via e-mail attachment, zip attachments, or on CD. 300 dpi files are best.

Incompatible! Images created in Microsoft Word, Publisher or Powerpoint, unless they are saved separately from the document as 150 dpi or greater jpg, eps or tiff files. Do not send image files that end in:

Really, don't. We can't use them.


Thank you for your interest in our event calendar. Hope to see your in our pages soon!

If you have further questions, direct them to editor@efortsmith.com

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