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A Special Lifestyle Feature

A Special Lifestyle Feature

This magazine has always been about what we do, but also, how we live in Fort Smith and its surrounding communities. It's about people. 

One part of this city that gives our magazine its name has grown into a community within the established town that is growing an emerging new identity and social culture worth looking into. 

As of last month, Chaffee Crossing's daily population grew by almost 200 new people when the new Arkansas College of Osteopathic Medicine began its inaugural semester. 

All at once, the neighborhood called Chaffee Crossing passed, we think, a tipping point of population. This part of our cit ?is fast emerging like a fresh new branch of a resilient, mature tree. It is adding to the beauty, strength and health of its parent tree and grove – our city and region.

Now, in addition to the fast-growing University of Arkansas - Fort Smith, a new college gives this area a gift – even more young, intelligent and ambitious residents. some of them will join us, making this their home.

We think that is exciting. We know they will influence us, the folks who already love life in Fort Smith.

Besides these new, under-40 or even under-30 medical students, families, active retirees and professionals in mid-life are showing up in new homes and businesses at Chaffee Crossing.

We interviewed a selection of people connected with Chaffee Crossing, starting with ARCOM students and its president, a Fort Smith native. We also talked with residents, one developer, an entrepreneur, an industry CEO, folks of Fort Chaffee Redevelopment Authority and the director of the part of Chaffee Crossing that belongs to all of us - our beloved Nature Center.

They described this fresh culture in their own words. Maybe you’ll find their outlook interesting - We did.

Jump to the people of Chaffee Crossing:

Kyle Parker, President and CEO of Arkansas College of Osteopathic Medicine

Savannah Skaggs, First-Year Med Student

Jelena Ivanov - First Year Med Student

Rod Coleman of ERC, Inc. - Major Developer

Kelly Mulvihill - Director of the Arkansas River Valley Nature Center

Scott Archer - Partner in an entrepreneurial development in the Warehouse District

Robyn and Steve Dawson - Homeowners and business owners in Chaffee Crossing

Adam Blalock - CEO of Umarex USA/Walther Arms, Inc.

Ivy Owen - director of the Fort Chaffee Redevelopment Authority

This Special Lifestyle Feature appears in the September 2017 issue of Entertainment Fort Smith Magazine. 

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