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An April Wedding - Hannah and Clint Bartholomew

An April Wedding - Hannah and Clint Bartholomew

Easy-going but always busy Hannah and Clint Bartholomew chose both a date and a style for their wedding to create a celebration with everyone they love.

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That includes their 1-year-old daughter, Thea, and Clint’s 9-year-old daughter, Ruthie; parents, grandparents, relatives and friends. 

They even moved from thinking of fall to April 28, 2018, in order to do it all at a place that suited their personalities and would be comfortable for all their guests.

With about six months to plan, Hannah, with the help of her mom, planned to enjoy choosing details such as colors, flowers, a dress and other arrangements. 

The couple’s “don’t sweat it”?attitude was a good goal, but life doesn’t always cooperate. They were also building a new home, under construction during the wedding, both working  and facing other unpredictable challenges. 

But when the time arrived, the day was as easy-going as they are. “I just didn’t worry about imperfections,” Hannah said. 

By then they had met a photographer with whom they felt comfortable. Many friends had generously volunteered, especially to provide wonderful food. Relatives took key roles, such as Clint’s uncle who came from out of state to officiate. They didn’t feel rushed even though their daily lives remained demanding.  

Clint’s advice? “If you can choose the time to be married, don’t do it during a time you have something else important going on,” said the groom who had been building a house. “Don’t do it for any other reason besides you love the person, because there isn’t any other reason - not kids, not money, not anything else.” 

They said their vows under a wooden pergola in beautiful spring sunshine. 

Being married outdoors allowed them to set up tables, chairs and food for about 200 guests inside the charming barn at Stone Creek Bend. It was also a safeguard in case of less-pretty weather.

They cut the “nude” cake her mother had decorated with the wedding flowers and enjoyed the groom’s cake that reflected Clint’s family business, topped by a toy directional boring machine.

In the wedding party were best friends and relatives and even tiny Thea and big sister Ruthie. Thea, who had just learned to walk, may not have stayed on-script as a flower girl but she was adorable, as was the tiny ring-bearer. 

Hannah’s mom had already inspected the (not-so) fresh bouquet and made a super-fast and beautiful replica in silks, because she is just that good, Hannah said. Her mother’s touches were everywhere in the decorations.

A DJ’s special lighting elements and the music they had chosen pulled all the stages of the day together. Dancing outdoors under an indigo sky was fun for all ages. 

The couple were glad all the festivities were in one place at the Muldrow venue, not far from their own home near Vian and Hannah’s hometown of Charleston. 

After the wedding, a seven-day cruise let them to “put the cell phone away” the entire time, Clint said. Then they returned to her career as a surgical tech at a Fort Smith orthopedic hospital and his work, regionally, in excavation and directional boring. And they finished their house.

A year later, their young family’s life is still moving fast. Thea and Ruthie will soon have a baby brother. Reminiscing about their wedding a year later was fun for Hannah and Clint, she said, because time has flown.

“We are so grateful to all our friends and our family,” Hannah said, especially thanking her mother. “It was beautiful.”

This article appears in the June 2019 issue of Entertainment Fort Smith Magazine. 

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