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Chaffin’s partners take a unified approach

Chaffin’s partners take a unified approach


Team Players Succeed



At busy Chaffin Junior High, it takes a tightly cooperating team of partners to cover all the bases. This year, the partnership team of Trane, Brown, Hiller & Clark, Candy Craze, Harry Robinson GMC, Custom Awards & Engraving and Chaffin was recognized with the Bud Jackson Teamwork Award. 


The team of partners sends representatives to meet monthly or weekly,  if necessary, to assess needs and identify ways to support Chaffin's goals for student achievement. 


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New Partner Papa John's finds many ways to inspire students


New partner Papa John's Pizza has been praised by Chaffin's teachers and staff for joining the team, especially since junior high students love, love, love pizza. 


Papa John's donated pizza frequently throughout the year for many of the annual activity days, starting with the seventh-grade Transition to Success day in August. 


The restaurant also helped motivate Chaffin students to help others, offering a pizza party for the class that collected the most canned food during a food drive and the most items for the annual backpack program food drive, held by all Partners in Education each spring. 


The pizzeria remembered teachers, too, during Teacher Appreciation Week when they delivered a lunch. 


Even empty pizza boxes were an asset to the GATE students, who used the cardboard as a base for their salt map projects. It's a good illustration of how many partners discover they have surprising, but helpful, resources to offer.


Of course, the boxes are more fun with pizza in them. The incentive of pizza as a reward to perform their very best on tests, attend school without absences and to participate in Math-Algebra EOC Boot Camp was a motivator for many students. 


Students presented store manager Laura Holt with three pieces of artwork to display in the restaurant.


The students also sent personal, hand-written thank-you notes to all their partners to be shared with their employees.


In March, Chaffin's Cougar Print newspaper highlighted their Partners in Education team. 


Trane maintains a faithful partnership with Chaffin; adds mentors


Trane, a partner for more than 15 years, is especially devoted to Chaffin. The manufacturer donates a laptop computer for one Chaffin student with perfect attendance and movie passes as incentives for contests and good test performance. 


Four male Trane employees volunteered for a new one-on-one mentoring program and the plant director spoke to the group about overcoming obstacles in his youth.


This year, the choir students serenaded Trane employees with Christmas carols, sent special gifts such as Chaffin license plates and mugs and framed original artwork in appreciation. 


Chaffin's partnership team members are a great example of large, medium and small businesses who pitch in together, each to its own ability, to help a school succeed.

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