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Emillie Taake and Captilles Vick - Nov. 14, 2015

Emillie Taake and Captilles Vick - Nov. 14, 2015

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A sociable couple has a spirited, loving celebration

Emillie Taake and Cap Vick love fun, friends and family so they knew their Nov. 14, 2015 wedding would be a huge celebration. When Emillie phoned her mother after accepting Cap’s proposal, her mom immediately went into action.

“She had the venue booked by 9 a.m. the next morning,” Emillie said. All of their planning had in mind warm hospitality for their many guests.

Although they had mutual friends, the two Fort Smith natives met for the first time in early 2014 in Hot Springs at Oaklawn Park.

“I was at my aunt’s box; she was with her girlfriends and mom at her aunt’s box,” Cap recalled. “I told them that if I didn’t cash a ticket by the ninth race I’d buy them a drink,” he said. “I got her phone number.”

“And we’ve talked every day since,” Emillie said. It was a year later, just before Valentine’s Day, when Cap schemed to pull off the kind of proposal Emillie had once told him she wanted. They made a trip to La Jolla, Calif. and spent the day visiting the San Diego Zoo. He plotted to ask her to marry him at the beach and managed to pick up her ring at Newton’s Jewelers only an hour before their flight.

“I had shown him a list of like, five things he had to do. I had seen it on Pinterest,” she said. Neither of them even care now what the list included besides to ask her parents, use her whole name and take a video.

He really tried.

“It was February so the nights were short! I took her down to the beach but it was pitch black,” Cap said. No video was possible in the dark.

“He couldn’t even see my face,” she laughed, “but I couldn’t even see the ring!” Cap teased her that it was gold, which she hadn’t wanted.

She said yes anyway as seals barked “arf, arf” all around them, he said.

As do all local couples who marry in autumn, they had to compete with the Razorback football schedule to choose their Nov. 14 date. Cap’s alma mater, OSU, would have a bit of suspense before beating its opponent but Arkansas was set to play LSU, away and televised. The RSVPs flowed in.

Cap’s only request was to include his Cowboy orange, which Emillie gracefully worked into the wedding flowers. He had a formal orange tux vest with OSU emblems, but wore it only after the dancing started. Of such compromises, good marriages are made.

Emillie invited her eight bridesmaids with a custom-labeled bottle of champagne and personalized date planners. Cap asked his groomsmen with a custom wooden box with a cigar, cigar cutter and a fine Bourbon.

Kerri, Emillie’s mother, and she worked with a wedding planner to arrange all the details of a formal ceremony at First Lutheran Church and reception at Hardscrabble Country Club. When their planner, who was expecting a baby, had to bow out for necessary bed rest, her mom stepped in and carried on without a hitch.

Bobby and Lee Vick, Cap’s parents, gave the large rehearsal dinner at 21 West End with cocktails, appetizers and a delicious steak dinner.

“Mom mentioned the word ‘grandchildren’ five times in a speech that she said she wasn’t going to give,” Cap said.

Both remember their wedding day as having the most beautiful weather and the entire church ceremony as perfect. Emillie’s long-time pastor, who has moved away, returned to officiate their wedding.

As they arrived at the reception, the bridge and groom were happy that the wedding planners had arranged for them to eat a sample of everything served at various food stations with mini burgers, pasta and other treats.

Cap and Emillie sat at a head table with their wedding party and parents and enjoyed many toasts to their happiness. Hundreds of guests were seated in a tent festooned with twinkling lights with beautiful floral centerpieces.

They cut and served their wedding cake and the groom’s Cowboy cake, but enjoyed their dessert more in a basket of food thoughtfully packed and sent home with them, Emillie said.

When the music began, Cap claims that Emillie never left the dance floor. The couple loved the music by Backroad Anthem, which thoughtfully covered the couple’s favorite Blake Shelton song, “God Gave Me You,” for their first dance. The song also had been performed in their church ceremony. Bride and groom danced and danced some more with children, parents, friends and guests. Many guests remarked how much they had enjoyed the band.

“The next day I cried and said I wanted to do it all over again,” Emillie said, but only because she wanted to enjoy every moment over.

The couple honeymooned in Maui and will live in Fort Smith, where Cap works at Weldon, Williams & Lick. Emillie is working on a master’s degree in business administration and in her family’s business, Cheers of Fort Smith.

This feature appears in the July 2016 issue of Entertainmetn Fort Smith Magazine.
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