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Find Art All Over

Find Art All Over

Freshly painted, new works of the fourth Unexpected Festival are being discovered by people just now visiting downtown after a crew of international artists finished late last month. They can be encountered throughout downtown on Garrison, Rogers and Towson Avenue and their cross streets. 

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There also are works of art to be found on the new Greg Smith River Trail. The trail begins at the Fort Smith River Parks Events building near the new Riverfront Skate/Bike Park. Its wide, lighted concrete path allows folks who stroll, or run or ride to co-exist peacefully. It hugs the bank of the river and those who take the path will find several more recent additions of art. A major sculptural piece of fabricated steel, above, is named “Halite with Quartz and Bauxite.” It is a work by Paul Siebenthal and Alex Cogbill, referring to minerals found in Arkansas. 

Nearer the trail head is a kinetic sculpture by Brian Massey called “Windsong II.” Hollow chimes ring out in clear tones when moved by the wind. 

A heron sculpture was placed at a beautiful park area near its walking bridge, in honor of the late Greg Smith. The Fort Smith resident volunteered for years as a blazer of walking and biking trails and supported parks and outdoor trails with his own efforts.

The artist Annie Edmondson created a very personal memorial, commissioned by Smith’s family and friends. On the plaque on the sculpture’s base, Edmondson explains: “I created this piece with the handprints, open and closed, of three generations of his family on the heron and cattails. The brush sculptures on the base include the tines taken from Greg’s pitch fork used to clear brush on this trail.”

Windson II
Windsong II is a kinetic sculpture by Arkansas artist Brian Massey. 

This article is found in the November 2018 issue of Entertainment Fort Smith Magazine. 

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