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Humans of Fort Smith is our favorite new thing

Humans of Fort Smith is our favorite new thing

Editor’s Note: Last year, we noticed an online photography project called “Humans of Fort Smith” and have been enjoying it ever since. It appears on Facebook.com and its title is an homage to a now-famous Facebook page called “Humans of New York,”  or HONY. Like its inspiration, HOFS is one photographer’s project to share a portrait of people encountered accidentally. The subjects of the photos were not chosen for who they were, but for how they looked or what they were doing at the moment. The photo subjects are not asked for their names.

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While the HONY photographer is often inspired by color or personality, it seems the HOFS photographer has an eye for a meaningful moment. We asked the photographer, who believes anonymity is the key to continuing this close, personal exchange, to talk with us about the project. We agreed to protect their identity. 

The photographer obtains permission from the subject of each image and captions them online with brief conversations.

In that spirit, we asked the HOFS photographer a few questions. 


EFS: How have you remained anonymous?

HONY: I just don’t tell anyone about it. I have shared it with fewer than five people. I tell (the portait subjects) my name at the end.

EFS: Why did you start the project?

HOFS: I was always fascinated by photography but I worshipped Annie Leibowitz. I didn’t think I could make a good photo. Last year, I got a very nice camera for the first time and took probably 500 shots with it before the first class at Bedford’s. Now through the camera is almost how I choose to view the world! 

EFS: Why humans? Why Fort Smith?

HOFS: I moved here about 15 years ago with the thought we might not live here forever. But suddenly, I’ve found myself falling in love with Fort Smith one human at a time. 

“Humans of Fort Smith” can be found on at Facebook.com by searching those words. It is a public site and does not require registration to view. 

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