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Residents discover more to like as they settle in to Chaffee Crossing

Residents discover more to like as they settle in to Chaffee Crossing

It was only after Robyn and Steve Dawson moved into their new home in one of Chaffee Crossing’s residential neighborhoods that they began to realize the many ways they were pleased.

“We built our home new and have been here for about a year and a half,” said Robyn Dawson, principal at Fort Smith’s Spradling Elementary School. “We’re in Stoneshire. Rocky Walker (Cobblestone Homes) built our home. We love the neighborhood.”

The Dawsons previously lived near the Rogers Avenue Walmart Supercenter.

“I was kind of concerned how I would feel leaving the center of the hub and going out to Stoneshire but, actually, it’s been so great! It feels like you’re in a small community in the center of an urban city,” she explained. “I wondered if I was not going to like the commute, but really, now it’s actually fantastic. It moved my commute 6 minutes. It took me 16 minutes from our other home; it takes 22 minutes now.”She added that she likes being able to choose to turn right or left to quickly access east or west Fort Smith from Interstate 49.After moving in, the Dawsons considered relocating Steve’s businesses, River Valley Concrete Coating and River Valley Pools, to Chaffee Crossing, as well. They first thought mostly of the convenience of living closer to his workplace. The FCRA had several suggested properties available for the Dawsons to see and communicated different factors about each of the possible locations.

“We enjoyed working with the redevelopment authority when we were purchasing our business and buying property. They have been such a pleasure to work with,” Dawson said. “They really want to see that area develop in a positive way. I think they’ve been very thoughtful,” she said, in regard to FCRA’s long-term planning and the way it shared information about related development near each property.

Even so, it was only after buying a 9,000-square-foot warehouse that the full benefits dawned on the Dawsons, she explained.

“Another neat thing that was unexpected for us is that the new interstate is coming right there into Chaffee Crossing. Our building is on the corner of Roberts and Fort Chaffee Boulevard. We didn’t even realize that. On Chad Colley and Massard is another future exit less than a mile from our addition. When we were thinking about building out there, we didn’t really absorb it all. How great is this!” Dawson said.

Their builder and all the FCRA extoll an “outdoor lifestyle” and its growing trail system. “That has been one of the unexpected pleasures we have found out there,” said Robyn.

“Our addition is right next to Lake Torraine. My husband and I have never really been outdoor enthusiasts but because of the walking trails that connect to the lake, we can step out our door to that park and begin that walking trail that can take us all the way to Ben Geren (Park) and circle back. It caused me to actually to do something I wouldn’t have done had I not been out there,” Dawson said. “There are so many people that utilize those walking trails! They put the wide trails and bicycle trails on the side of the road. Anytime I’m coming and going, I see them in use. It’s almost a small town feeling because you see people walking dogs, riding bikes and walking with each other. I just love that part of it.”


This article appears in the September 2017 issue of Entertainment Fort Smith Magazine.


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