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Take out the trash and recycle during April's citywide clean-up

Take out the trash and recycle during April's citywide clean-up

First, take out the trash

April is the month for citywide and countywide cleanups.
Manned trash dumpsters are available to Fort Smith residents for
disposal of household trash, free of charge, at four locations. These
drop-off points will be open from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.:
Ward 1: Grand Avenue Baptist Church, 3900 Block Grand Avenue,
North Parking Lot
Ward 2: Parking lot one block east of North 50th Street and Plum Street
Ward 3: Evans Boys Club, 6015 Boys Club Lane
Ward 4: Goldtrap-Garner Boys Club, 8800 Dallas Street

Household trash is gladly accepted, including appliances, carpet
and furniture. They will not, however, accept construction debris,
grass, leaves, brush, hazardous or toxic waste, oil, tires, herbicides,
pesticides, cleaning chemicals, paint or any other kind of liquid.
Residents should have proof of residency ready to
show. Lines get long on these special days, but the staff works hard
to keep things moving along and the result is a remarkably clean
Fort Smith. Join the citywide effort.
Commercial haulers, contractors and trailers longer than 8 feet
are prohibited from using these sites.

and ... recycle, too

Each ward’s dumpster location also will have a collection container for
recycling. Take along recyclables like paper, plastic and metal to drop off separately. Electronic waste will also be collected at each location.

April 20: All together now!

Got your own place squared away? Volunteer with the Beautify Fort
Smith organization for a big, one-day effort. Headquarters is Martin
Luther King Jr. Park where you can pick up supplies like trash bags
and gloves. Choose your own area or spiff up a suggested area, from 8
a.m. to noon. Families, organizations and individuals are all invited to
participate. Last year, in two cleanup days, Beautify Fort Smith
volunteers removed 4 tons of litter!

Easy recycling every week

The City of Fort Smith Sanitation Department makes a weekly
curbside collection of paper, corrugated cardboard, chipboard,
aluminum and steel cans, plastics with the number 1, 2, 4 or 7
inside the recycling logo, newsprint and magazines. Any Fort Smith
household can request a recycling container for their residence.
Recycling ultimately reduces the cost of sanitation services by
decreasing the demand on landfill space.

The Sebastian County Solid Waste District collects several more
categories of recyclables such as glass, motor oil and other
automotive fluids and clearly labeled paint, pesticides and
household cleaners in their original containers. The SCSWD also
collects e-waste – discarded computers, cell phones, televisions and
other electronic equipment. Collection points for these recyclables
are available at the city’s landfill and at several more convenient
Glass, e-waste, hazardous and toxic materials:
Fort Smith: Davis Iron and Metal, 2610 Wheeler Avenue.
7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday
Lavaca: Lavaca Recycle Center, 904 Davis Street.
Barling: Barling City Hall, 304 Church Street.
Greenwood: Street Department, 104 Bell Road.
Mansfield: Public Works Building, Witcherville Park.

Recycle Clothing

Wearable clothing can be reused and resold by
the resale store of your choice. But unusable
clothes can be recycled, too. Clothes marked for
recycling are accepted gladly at Abilities
Unlimited stores at 2417 North Albert Pike,
Fort Smith. Recycled clothes are sorted and sold by weight, helping to support the organization.

Reduce, Reuse!

It just stands to reason. Acquire less and you
will have less to throw away. Use a canvas bag for
groceries or recycle plastic bags at the store.
Choose products with less packaging.

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