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December 2015 Issue

At Subiaco Abbey you'll find hot peppers and peanut brittle
Reba Mize set out for Subiaco Abbey's Monk Sauce wand was pleasantly surprised to experience an astonishing horticultural tour.
Chrismon Ornaments: A Tradition Revived with Love
A group of women of St. Paul United Methodist Church revives a tradition of beaded ornaments.

November 2015 Issue

Class of 1965 holds an epic reunion and pays it forward
One of the largest graduating classes of Northside High School held its 50th reunion last month.
Maxine Taylor: On a Mission of War - With the Red Cross, she volunteered for service in World War II
With the Red Cross, she volunteered for service in World War II and found herself just about as far away from Bokoshe, Okla. as she could be.
You mean my Uncle Bass Reeves?
Bill Lewis grew up hearing family stories of his ancestor, Bass Reeves. He didn't know until recently that Fort Smith had erected a statue to the early African-American lawman.

September 2015 Issue

C.C. Lockwood’s new book continues mission of saving Wild Louisiana
In his new book, Louisiana Wild, The Lands Restored and Protected by the Nature Conservancy, C.C continues his 44-year quest to help save and preserve the natural habitat of his adopted home state of
Fall is apple time in Arkansas, which had Apple Mania in the early 20th century
Fall is apple time in Arkansas, which had Apple Mania in the early 20th century.
The west end is the ‘Griffin’ end of Fort Smith
The Griffin family's committment to preservation and revitalization is reviving the gateway to downtown Fort Smith.
Wilma Hill is loopy – in making beautiful hooked rugs
Wilma Hill is loopy – in making beautiful hooked rugs. One of her creations, a 7-foot diameter masterpiece, is now in the Hooked Rug Museum of North America.

September 2015 Issue

The Unexpected Project: Murals will pop up in downtown Fort Smith
What will appear on the blank walls of downtown Fort Smith this week?
Twirling Her Way to the Top
Southside High School's first-ever featured twirler Isabella Udouj has been practicing since she was not much bigger than her baton.
U.S. Marshals multi-media theater receives underwriting by the Ross Pendergraft family
A generous donation by the Ross Pendergraft family and local sales of commemorative U.S. Marshals coins are announced by the U.S. Marshals Museum at Fort Smith, Ark.
Van Buren loves and protects Fairview Cemetery
Van Buren volunteers and donors love and protect Fairview Cemetery.
Windgate Art & Design Building Opens with Sept. 3 Exhibit and Tour
The creative community now has a splendid home base in the UAFS Windgate Art & Design Building at Kinkead Avenue and Waldron Road.

August 2015 Issue

15th Anniversary e People
Enjoy a gallery of the faces of the many people who have appeared in our pages in the last 15 years.
Hotstuff: Our anniversary photo shoots are always an adventure
Every five years or so we do something rash just for fun

July 2015 Issue

FSHS Class of 1960 reunion had a whole lot of talkin' going on
A reunion of the Fort Smith High School Class of 1960 was given over completely to talking, something Linda Seubold really enjoyed.
Garden writing gets you to the greatest places
Garden writer Reba Mize recalls some of the interestinig places she's been and people she's met while writing for Entertainment Fort Smith.
Peacemaker Music & Arts Festival July 31-Aug. 2
The first-ever Peacemaker Music and Arts Fest is July 31-Aug. 2.

June 2015 Issue

A Day in the Sun - Swimming, Water Fun, Train Rides and Carnival Rides
Swimming, Water Fun, Train Rides and Carnival Rides. Pool and waterpark schedules and information.
Athletic Camps for Kids
Kids, what's your favorite sport? Camps for basketball, baseball, tennis and golf.
Barney Ahlefeld has tales of adventure
Barney Ahlefeld has recently returned from just the latest adventure of his lifetime – hunting in New Zealand.
Crawford County Public Library Summer Reading Program and special events
Summer Reading Program schedule for Van Buren, Alma, Cedarville, Mountainburg and Mulberry Public Libraries
Day to Day fun in youth organizations all summer
Many local youth organizations are open all summer long, offering a wealth of recreational programs to keep kids active and engaged.
Days for Music, Theater and Dance for Kids
Opportunities for playing music, acting, singing and dance for kids this summer.
Days to Create: Art Classes and Camps
Art classes and camps for youth are offered by libraries, the Center for Art & Education, Fort Smith Regional Art Museum, UA-Fort Smith and the UAFS Center for Lifelong Education.
Entertainment Fort Smith's Kids Issue: June 2015
Here's our directory to fun for kids this summer. Read about hundreds of choices!
Fort Smith Public Library's Summer Reading Program schedule
Fort Smith Public Library's Summer Reading Program for Kids with special events
Kids Activities in Nature: Crazy Days of Summer
Summer fun for children at the Nature Center and Lake Fort Smith State Park.
Kids: Summer Learning and Enrichment Activities
Kids can keep their brains engaged with these critical-thinking and hands-on activities.
South Sebastian County Libraries - Free Summer Activities for Kids
South Sebastian County Library schedule for Kids Summer Reading Program
Summer meals for kids provided by schools
Where to find free meals for children this summer, provided by school district programs.
Summer Movies for Kids
Summer Movies for Kids will be shown free at parks at reduced prices in local theaters.

May 2015 Issue

Parters in Education: Mentoring on the Rise
As a part of the Partners in Education program of Fort Smith Public Schools, mentoring is on the rise – and working.
Partners in Education: Mentors create a program that can be shared
A positive mentoring program at Chaffin Junior High can be taught to other schools
Partners in Education: The Golden Knights change a school
At Spradling Elementary, a mentor follows a model from his own life experience

April 2015 Issue

60 Years of Service: Buzz Wood has influenced thousands
Lawrence "Buzz" Wood, Jr. has been a coach, leader and mentor for more than 60 years.
Angry email lands William Roberts a job with the Pawn Stars
When trivia enthusiast William Roberts challenged TV's Pawn Stars, the response was surprising.
Beauty in Our Own Backyard: Lake Alma Trail
Encouraging guide to hiking the Lake Alma Trail, by Jim Warnock, who hikes it daily.
Blade Runners: Paralympic Athletes Compete at High School Track Meet
Paralympic athletes will challenge high school track competitors at the April 24 McDonald's Relays.
Clifton R. Breckinridge saw the bitter end of Dixie
Clifton R. Breckinridge, builder of a home still standing in Fort Smith, witnessed the retreat of the Confederate government.

March 2015 Issue

From Ranger to Razorback: Austin Cantrell
Austin Cantrell will carry pride of hometown with him when he moves from playing for the Roland, Okla. Rangers to the University of Arkansas Razorbacks.
Hello, Chad!
Chad Burris, a young local actor, is currently touring with the hit show Book of Mormon

January 2015 Issue

13th Annual Readers' Favorites Awards
Here they are - the winners of the 13th Annual Readers' Favorites Awards, a gallery of the winners.
Hotstuff: On this spot from 1988 to 2014 ... it rocked
With a change coming, Linda Seubold recalls epic music at the Rib Room.

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