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December 2017 Issue

Fort Smith's Christmas Honors
Support for Fort Smith's Christmas Honors has been so strong that two more military cemeteries will be decorated with wreaths.
RAM Exhibition Showcases the works of artist John Bell, Jr.
As part of Fort Smith’s Bicentennial, RAM holds a retrospective exhibit of the work of John Bell Jr.
There's no such thing as too many Christmas trees
The more the merrier, merrier Christmas. George Mann's Christmas ornament collection adorns multiple trees.

November 2017 Issue

Landi and Jacob had four boys – and then they had eight
While Landi and Jacob Burton always knew they wanted to adopt children, they never expected that their brood of boys would double in size - to 8 sons.
Lazy Gardener, Accidental Birder
Let your grass grow a little higher, leave some leaves and let an area of your yard get a little wild.
Momentum: Three downtown projects are rolling
There's momentum behind three new downtown projects.

September 2017 Issue

Girls on the Gridiron - Maverick Kicker Melanie Rice
When soccer player Melanie Rice of Southside High School was recruited to kick for the Mavericks football team, she stepped up.
He had a boat, he had the time and his heart said go
As pictures and updates of the Hurricane Harvey damage came scrolling across Trey Tounzen’s telephone, he felt compelled to act.
Let’s go, baby! The Martins take off with Ellie in tow
Rebecca and Cy Martin like to travel and now, so does their very young daughter.
Miss Laura has been making Fort Smith memorable for 25 years
Carolyn Joyce created a character to put her city on the map for tourism marketing

September 2017 Issue

A Special Lifestyle Feature
A new culture is emerging at Chaffee Crossing: Special Lifestyle Feature with the people of Fort Smith's growing neighborhood.
It's like working in a park
The CEO chose Chaffee Crossing as an optimum location. Adam Blalock heads Umarex USA and Walther Arms, Inc.
Kyle Parker - ARCOM's students will contribute to the entire city's culture.
New students of Arkansas College of Osteopathic Medicine are a net plus to the entire city of Fort Smith, according to ARCOM president Kyle Parker.
Med Student and Parent Jelena Ivanov
First-year med student Jelena Ivanov is also a parent and new resident of Arkansas, which her family is enjoying.
New Med Student Savannah Skaggs is close to home
Savannah Skaggs is a first-year med student at ARCOM who got the benefit of staying close to home.
Partners Decide to Become Chaffee Crossing Entrepreneurs
This entrepreneur is inspired by the culture of Chaffee Crossing people.
Residents discover more to like as they settle in to Chaffee Crossing
When Steven and Robyn Dawson built a home in Chaffee Crossing, they soon decided to move their business there, too.
Rod Coleman, developer, sees a new culture at Chaffee Crossing.
As the population rises at Chaffee Crossing, many people live in a neighborhood originally developed by ERC. Rod Coleman is interested in offering a new kind of lifestyle.
The Authority: FCRA staff's job is to know everyone at Chaffee Crossing
The FCRA staff's job is to know everyone at Chaffee Crossing
The Nature Center at Chaffee Crossing
All of us are owners of 170 acres of some of the most beautiful property in all of Chaffee Crossing – the Janet Huckabee River Valley Nature Center on the shore of Wells Lake.

August 2017 Issue

Back to School: The Entire Community is Invited
Everyone is invited back to school at Fort Smith Public Schools. Parents, the public, Partners in Education and students are invited to an Aug. 3 Community Summit for Strategic Planning.
Freedom Park Opens with a Splash
Much to the delight of Van Buren’s citizens and leaders, Freedom Park is open, showing real progress in downtown revitalization.
Profile: Susan Chaney
Susan Chaney has been a good Girl Scout all her life. At 77, she still enjoys leading young women to self-confidence, new skills and new challenges.
Taking a walk before sunrise, a photographer sees in a new way
Walking for health, a photographer also shapes up his powers of observation. Photo essay by Glenn Gilley.
Who was Marie Harris?
A small sidewalk marker in Fort Smith leads a team to research the story of a beloved little girl.

July 2017 Issue

July 11: The Favored Strawberry, a documentary film
Emmy award-winning filmmaker and Fort Smith native Larry Foley will screen his new documentary, "The Favored Strawberry" at
Olivia Frost and Daniel Fritsche
When a couple is blessed with a multitude of friends and relations, they’re blessed even more when their wedding can include them all. Olivia Frost and Daniel Fritsche were married 1.7.17.
Scarlett Taylor and Aaron Pryor
Home is where the love is – Fort Smith couple returns from Texas for a Fayetteville wedding
Valeri Bunda and Austin Cantrell
Valeri Bunda and Austin Cantrell said vows twice, but are married once and forever.
Three wonderful weddings

June 2017 Issue

Capital campaign for the Center for Art & Education will get off to a glowing start June 10
The campaign for a new Center for Art & Education for downtown Van Buren gets off to a glowing start with a Glow Run and spectacular juggling, June 10.

May 2017 Issue

Destination: Pawhuska
Faithful fans of the lifestyle and cookbook writer "The Pioneer Woman," Ree Drummond, are trekking to Pawhuska, Okla. to her new retail store. Writer Brittany Ransom takes readers along.
Retrospective exhibit at RAM shows Harper’s bookish interests
A new exhibit at Fort Smith Regional Art Museum is a retrospective of the work of Katie Harper, showing her book arts and letterpress printing work.
The Limitless Love of a Mother
Emma Pratt is "Momma" to the combined family she shares with her husband, Irvin, which includes their adult special needs son, Cody, and also gives a mother's special love to Guatamalan orphans.

April 2017 Issue

A tribute to Herschel and Mardell McClurkin's long and happy marriage
This 2015 article about a long and happy marriage is available again as a tribute to Herschel H. McClurkin Jr., who died March 20, 2017.
Airing of the Quilts
May 5-6 will be colorful days when the 8th annual Airing of the Quilts is held at Greenwood’s Bell Park.
Alma Dances!
The annual Spring Dance Performance of the Alma Public School District puts 300 dancers on stage in a original production.
On the Air: The History of Broadcast in Fort Smith, Ark.
The familiar faces and voices of Fort Smith, Ark.'s broadcast industry are on display in a comprehensive permanent exhibit called On the Air, opening April 27 at the Fort Smith Museum of History. The

March 2017 Issue

2017 April Designer Showhouse previewed
A Garrison Avenue penthouse apartment will be transformed and open for tours next month as the 2017 April Designer Showhouse.
A once-familiar sight, this cotton field is a curiosity locally
Photographer Don Barksdale discovered a cotton field in LeFlore County, Okla.
From ABF to Africa, Donna Parker moves on a mission to save souls and lives
Because Donna Parker's mother taught her that love was an action verb, this Greenwood native has relocated to Africa for two years on a Christian humanitarian mission.
Green dreams awaken at the River Valley Lawn & Garden Show
Spring comes to the Fort Smith Convention Center March 17-19 at the River Valley Lawn & Garden Show.
Traveling with Kids
Will you have a picture-perfect vacation if you take the toddler? Absolutely not. Is it worth it try? Writer Kristan Roland says yes. The gift of travel is the only gift you can truly count on forever
Western Swing Rules
If Robert Huston has his way, Western Swing music will never die. His web program, Western Swing Rules, highlights performances, music lessons and history of this all-American musical style.

February 2017 Issue

I run. Jo Carson becomes a road warrior
Novice runner Jo Carson still finds it surprising that she has become a road warrior.
Van Buren Students Garden
Students are growing their own food at two Van Buren elementaries in the FoodCorps program. And they eat their vegetables!
Your choices in the 2017 Readers' Favorites Poll
Winners by your votes in the 2017 Readers' Favorites Poll

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