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December 2018 Issue

Hometown Holidays
New dates: Fort Smith's Christmas Parade, Museum of History Open House, Polar Express will all be held Dec. 15. These downtown events were rescheduled due to weather. Dec. 15 is the big day downtown.
Pointer Place is now open for business and hands-on learning
Serving up funky Pointer mascot apparel and delicious coffee, a new store at Van Buren High School is helping students gain real-world business experience.

November 2018 Issue

Find Art All Over
New sculptures can be encountered on the Greg Smith River Trail in November.

October 2018 Issue

Cover story: Fort Smith's new Skate/Bike Park to open in October
Oct. 13 is the opening day for the Riverfront Skate/Bike Park. Here's one skater's early review.
Phillip Garcia: School Meal Mechanic
Most people don’t think about the mechanics of food until they get hungry. Even then, they don’t think about the mechanics. Phillip Garcia does.

September 2018 Issue

A Table of Contents: Chaffee Crossing Grows Up
With plans announced this month, the development of Chaffee Crossing is reaching maturity.
And now for something completely different: Coleman’s vision of The Hub about to rise
Rod Coleman’s single most forward-thinking idea is about to become real. The Hub at Providence will be located at the significant intersection of RA Young Drive and Wells Lake Road.
ARCOM med students and the community are enjoying a mutual affection
Medical students of Arkansas College of Osteopathic Medicine are falling in love with this city – and vice versa.
At the crossroads of everything in Chaffee Crossing, FCRA makes connections
The director and staff of the Fort Chaffee Redevelopment Authority have knowledge and responsibilities that are broad and deep at Chaffee Crossing.
Fraud on the Border: The Western District play is an expose of old Fort Smith
In this town that reveres its historical judges and lawmen, audiences may not be ready for the shocking truths told in a new play, The Western District, by Brandon Goldsmith.
Glatfelter is making paper in a big way at Chaffee Crossing
Enormous, state-of-the-art machinery is used to make special paper at Glatfelter's Fort Smith facility.
Learn about an all-American music form, but better yet - dance to the masters of Western Swing
Western Swing really is going to rule Fort Smith (again, or still?)?in a Fort Smith Bicentennial event that includes a lecture and concert of the genre’s greatest musicians.

August 2018 Issue

A Vision to the Future: First National Bank of Fort Smith unveils a historic renovation
Get a glimpse at the renovated and restored First National Bank of Fort Smith building, downtown's iconic business landmark. There's both something historic and something modern and progressive about
What's in the Fort Smith Bicentennial Time Capsule
Pictures of some of the contents of the Fort Smith Bicentennial Time Capsule, to be buried Aug. 4, 2018.

July 2018 Issue

A Classic Fort Smith Wedding: Jaclyn Freeze and Colby Jacobs
Jaclyn Freeze and Colby Jacobs included elements of a classic Fort Smith wedding.
July 21 Art on the Border sale offers diverse works by invited artists
Invitational art exhibit and sale Art on the Border is in its 5th year and now requires two venues.
Making A Beer Run Has a Different Meaning at Ales4Trails
A celebration of craft beer, live music and an active outdoor lifestyle supports more trails for Fort Smith.
The Cowboy and the Hula Dancer: Cody Faber and Casey Koi
The boy from Arkansas and girl from Hawaii fell in love and their wedding included two celebrations.
Their marriage is a thoughtful creation of a family - Darrick and Ashley Coward
This couple knew that their marriage would bring together their five children.
Three Real Weddings Inspire Lovely Ideas
These three weddings are sweet love stories that also can inspire others with lovely ideas.

June 2018 Issue

All Summer Fun 2018 - Table of Contents
Start here for an index to all kids' summer activities and schedules in 2018. Just as in the paper magazine, all the summer activities for kids are listed here.
At your local library, all events are free.
There's something fun for kids almost every day at all our area libraries and all of it is free. Enjoy the summer reading program, movies, crafts and other activities at all area libraries.
Available daily - Time to Eat
Free meals are offered at public schools in Fort Smith and Crawford County, Ark. under the summer nutrition program. No child need be hungry. Schedules here.
Get Creative - Art Camps and Activities
A schedule of art camps and creative opportunities.
Learning & Doing: More Summer Activities for Kids
Sewing, baking, building - here are three unusual summer opportunities for kids.
Make Some History
Opportunities and programs related to history at the Fort Smith National Historic Site.
Movie Madness
A schedule of free and low-cost movie screenings, all summer long. See family-friendly Movies in the Park and at local theaters at special times.
Park It Here in Pools, Parks, Splashpads
Take the plunge at Parrot Island or Alma Aquatic Park, ride the Creekmore Train, take a spin at the Park at Westend. There are city park play days, too.
Put On A Show - Summer Theater, Music and Performance Opportunities
There are opportunities for kids to act in a play, go to a music camp, perform and shine.
Sports Camps and Activities for Kids
Here are sports camp opportunities for kids in Summer 2018. Register NOW for these limited-enrollment spots!
Summer Fun - Hit the Club
Activities at the regional Boys & Girls Clubs and Girls Inc. in Fort Smith, Alma and Van Buren, Ark.
The Great Outdoors for Kids
The River Valley Nature Center, local State Parks and others offer wonderful programs in the great outdoors.

May 2018 Issue

Dance like you’re setting a world record
Fort Smith will attempt “the world’s largest street dance” on May 28.
On A Mission
Photojournalist Lawrence Knox chronicles a medical mission trip to Guatamala made by members of Fort Smith's First Methodist Church.
The Campaigners
Supporters of the millage increase range from students of voting age to young adult, Fort Smith Public School alumni to retirees. We spoke with four of these advocates.
The Explainers
Fort Smith schools introduce technology early and plan for a new career and technology center with proposed millage increase

April 2018 Issue

Barney Oldfield Sends Fort Smith Racing into the Future
On a local racetrack 1911, horsepower outran horses and the age of automobiles and aeroplanes arrive in Fort Smith.
One-third of millage increase devoted to school safety
A group of volunteer citizens, educators and students now have until May 22 to urge voters to vote “yes”?to a proposal to increase a millage devoted to Fort Smith Public Schools.
These are the voyages of the Starship Parkview
You know you have hit Star Trek gold when Captain Kirk himself, aka William Shatner, tweets about you. Van Buren students have created a Star Trek fan film called The Bunny Incident.

March 2018 Issue

Making Home Work: The Dooly Family Keeps It Real
Daddy is a law enforcement officer. Momma is an educator. They have four beautiful children, two girls and two boys. They’re engaged, loving, busy and never typical.
River Valley Lawn & Garden Show March 23-25
Three-day River Valley Lawn & Garden Show, presented by the Master Gardeners. Admission is $5, good for all three days. Fort Smith Convention Center.

February 2018 Issue

2018 Readers' Favorites Gallery
Without an "envelope, please," here are your Readers' Favorites, reflecting the year 2017, chosen through your votes

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