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Paper daffodils are an easy craft for kids.

Paper daffodils are an easy craft for kids.

With a few simple school art supplies, your children can make a bright, long-lasting bouquet of daffodils!



Card stock or construction paper in varied shades of yellow

Star-shaped cookie cutter


Wood craft sticks

Green craft paint

Florist foam

Easter grass




Flowerpot - painting the flowerpot is an option, too!



Use a pencil to lightly trace stars onto the paper, then cut them out.

Cut a 1x5-inch strip for each flower.



Use a strip to form a circle for the center of the flower and glue ends together. Secure with a paper clip until dry.

Add glue to one outside edge of the circle and glue it in the center of the star-shaped flower. Lay it flat with the circle up until the glue dries.

Paint craft sticks green for stems and glue them to the backs of the flowers.

Cut florist foam to fit snugly in the flowerpot.

Arrange the flowers in the pot by firmly pushing the sticks into the foam.

Cover the foam with decorative Easter grass.


Optional Flowerpot ideas

Make ladybug designs with a child's fingerprint for the red body, detailed with black lines and dots.

Decorate a plain clay flower pot with ribbon or stickers.

Recycle a pretty flowerpot or container you already have!



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