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New Med Student Savannah Skaggs is close to home

New Med Student Savannah Skaggs is close to home
Near her hometown of Greenwood, Ark., ARCOM’s walls began to rise as outstanding Greenwood High School graduate Savannah Skaggs steadily continued to excel. She earned an undergraduate degree at Hendrix College and a Master’s in Public Health Administration the UAMS Fay W. Boozman College of Public Health and Health Policy.

Between semesters, as an Elks Most Valuable Student scholarship recipient she traveled with an Elks mission to Washington D.C. to provide care to homeless veterans, volunteered on national and international medical missions in Europe and South America and held an internship at UAMS.

“I?was living in Little Rock when my family began to put out feelers about the new medical school,”?she said. She attended ARCOM’s first open house. Now she is enrolled in its inaugural class and because it is here it’s more likely than ever she may, someday, practice medicine in Arkansas.

It’s early (the first week!) for her to choose any specialty but Savannah says she may consider pediatrics. “My mother has a wonderful pre-school in Greenwood and I’ve always been around children.”

ARCOM, she said “is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. They don’t just build beautiful medical schools every year, so to be a part of an inaugural class, I thought this is going to change my life if I get in here.” She also recruited Jeffrey Scott, another Arkansan and her boyfriend, to ARCOM.

“In grad school, we learned that Arkansas is number one, unfortunately, in many morbidity and mortality issues like heart disease and teen pregnancy.”?Savannah loves to serve and help, and hopes to stay here. She’s aware of the northwest Arkansas expansion of Children’s Hospital and the growing UAMS?facilities in Little Rock, as well as Fort Smith’s hospitals. “I?know that there are many steps that may take me different places, but this is always home.”

This article appears in the September 2017 issue of Entertainment Fort Smith Magazine. 
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