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Med Student and Parent Jelena Ivanov

Med Student and Parent Jelena Ivanov

Far from her birthplace of Estonia in northern Europe and from her recent home in Minnesota, Jelena Ivanova, “Lena,” is now an Arkansan, along with her husband and their 9-year-old and 10-month-old daughters. He is the owner of iState LLC trucking company. The family is living in the Haven neighborhood in Chaffee Crossing.

“I?love it, it’s still wildnerness, sort of,” she said of their neighborhood near ARCOM. “You are in the city but you’re also in a suburb that is quiet. It takes 10-15 minutes to get anywhere you need to go, but at the same time it’s peace and quiet. You heard the birds chirping!”

“We knew about Arkansas, but when we traveled we never passed through the state. This is beautiful. I never expected all the woods and rolling hills, I?love it,”?she said. “It’s a small state but has so much to offer!”

Jelena finds her new hometown well-suited to her family, already, with good schools and daycare in nearby Greenwood. Together they’ve been exploring family fun all around the area.

Attending medical school was not her original plan – she earned a bachelor of nursing degree and worked as in R.N. in Estonia, “but it doesn’t tranfer,” she said. “Life happens. I always say everything happens for a good reason. I’m kind of glad this is the way it turned out,” she said of her decision to become a doctor.

“I?really love family medicine and this is where I see myself going, but if I choose one, cardiology is the only specialty I am interested in.”

Lena said she is excited and seems confident as she completed the first week of her second medical education. With her positive outlook, she believes by the time she completes her education it will be an advantage to have reared their daughters at the same time. A number of her classmates have young families as well.

This article appears in the September 2017 issue of Entertainment Fort Smith Magazine.

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