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2018 Readers' Favorites Gallery

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And the winners are ...

Each December, Entertainment Forto Smith polls its readers with a paper ballot that provides a write-in choice of numerous categories of local culture and commerce. 

Readers respond – on paper – and we announce the winners from this single round of voting. Those who get the most votes are recognized as Readers' Favorites. It's a just-for-fun survey. But those named by their fellow citizens can know they have the warm regard of a lot of friends, patrons and fans. 

For more than a decade of tallying and publishing the results of Readers' Favorites, we note that our readers seem wise. The winners chosen are not always the "biggest" and not always obvious choices. What they are is beloved, notable and appreciated. They are, indeed, "Favorites" of people who live here and read E Fort Smith. The categories vary from year to year. 

For this year's poll, there are new subjects added that cover cultural and community events and efforts. 

The winner's list begins with a category called "Fortifiers," a designation invented by the magazine to describe people and organizations "who work to make Fort Smith stronger." Our editorial opinion is that we can all be Fortifiers, working in our own way to build up our home and region through individual and collective effort, creativity and determination to make Fort Smith a better place in every way. That includes economic growth and a richer quality of life. 

So, without an "envelope, please," here are your Readers' Favorites, reflecting the year 2017, chosen through your votes. Each winner receives an award certificate you may notice proudly displayed in their offices or businesses. Give them your congratulations!

This article appears in the February 2018 issue of Entertainment Fort Smith Magazine.

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