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A Table of Contents: Chaffee Crossing Grows Up

A Table of Contents: Chaffee Crossing Grows Up
Chaffee Crossing Grows Up

With plans announced this month, the development of Chaffee Crossing is reaching maturity. New homes, innovative urban design, a medical colleges campus, businesses, industries and natural parks are the linchpins of this growth. Remaining blank spaces on the development map are filling in quickly.

In several articles, the September 2018 issue has a special focus on Chaffee Crossing's coming of age. 

  The Hub by ERC will offer condos and apartment residences in harmony with restaurants, a green plaza, stores and services. Rod Coleman of ERC discusses this innovative new neighborhood his company is building at Chaffee Crossing.
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  ARCOM med students are falling in love with Fort Smith – and vice versa. Here are their stories of wonderful encounters with natives of the region and random acts of kindess and welcome.
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  With plans by the designer of Seaside, Fla., the Arkansas College of Health Education's new Heritage Village will be built as a place of healthy living for students and residents of Chaffee Crossing, Barling and Fort Smith. 

   Specialty, airlaid paper products destined to become retail wipes for cosmetic and hygenic use are now being made by Glatfelter at a state-of-the-art facility at Chaffee Crossing. It is enormous now and could double in capacity in the future.
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The Fort Chaffee Redevelopment Authority is at the center
of all activity. Executive director Ivy Owen and Lorie Robertson,
marketing director, are in the know about almost everything
that has or will happen there as Chaffee Crossing grows up.
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These article appear in the September 2018 issue of Entertainment Fort Smith Magazine. 


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