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Mailbox Express offers one-stop convenience

Mailbox Express offers one-stop convenience

Owner Randy Graves offers friendly, personal service.


Mailbox Express offers one-stop for mail, packages, gifts and helpful personal service 




There's always something going or coming at Mailbox Express on a pleasant corner at Fort Smith's Maybranch Square - U.S. mail, FedEx package pickups and deliveries or customers who may be buying a book of stamps or having a document notarized.


This new private mailbox business has almost all of the capabilities of a U.S. post office and much more, with friendly, personal assistance that eliminates almost all the bother, confusion and waiting. Randy Graves, the owner, is happy to let a customer drop off an unwrapped item to be mailed or shipped with a note containing the recipient's address. He will pack it securely in a box he provides, then ship it for the sender. He often completes the transaction by phoning the sender later to get payment information.


A private mailbox offers convenience, an advantageous location and added security, Graves explained.


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"Primarily, the mailbox customers get a street address - a physical address," he said. Package deliveries cannot be made to U.S. post office boxes, but Mailbox Express can accept them for their customers, in addition to their postal mail.


"I can accept also anything that can come through the door and a customer who does have a street address doesn't have to worry about a package sitting on their porch," he explained.


"Anyone can drop something off for one of my customers - it doesn't have to be mail," he added. "I can accept a package or item a friend may need to leave for a customer."


Graves explained that people working from their homes also find it more professional and secure to have a commercial address for their company, instead of a home address.


Mailbox Express can notify a box-holder by email that mail has arrived. "Or they can just call me and say, 'Randy, is there anything important in my box?'" he said with a smile.


In addition to mail and package services, Mailbox Express can arrange domestic and international shipping or receiving of freight.


"I don't have to see the freight here," Graves said. "Customers can call and get quotes on domestic freight from 10 carriers. After they choose their carrier and delivery details, their freight can be picked up at any location and shipped door to door or dock to dock."


Beyond the many modes of sending and receiving, Graves has stocked Mailbox Express with an extensive selection of school and office necessities, mail and shipping supplies and even gift wrap, boxes, bags, bows, tissue paper and greeting cards.  There also are useful last-minute gifts on the shelves.


The selection could save your social standing or friendships in a hurry, considering a customer could choose a gift, wrap it and present it in person or,  with one-day FedEx service, get it to the recipient in 24 hours.


Also handy are a variety of common legal contracts and other document forms available for purchase - with notary service. These include real estate documents, medical release forms, car title transfers and power of attorney forms. Several kinds of photo identifications and passports photos can be prepared at the store, as well, plus child identification kits, Graves said.


On-site self-serve or full-service printing services include copies, binding, laminating and document finishing and many other services found in commercial print shops.


Mailbox Express also can provide typing and word processing, resumé services, electronic document management, mailing list management, media transfers, faxes and photo printing. Document shredding also is offered.


Internet and computer access is available on a rental basis. 

"We try to provide convenience," Graves said. With even an assortment of reading glasses and even a key duplication machine, he certainly has. 






Mailbox Express

2801 Old Greenwood Road

Maybranch Square, Suite 8B

Fort Smith




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