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September 2017

September 2017

Volume 18 No. 2


A Special Lifestyle Feature
A new culture is emerging at Chaffee Crossing: Special Lifestyle Feature with the people of Fort Smith's growing neighborhood.
It's like working in a park
The CEO chose Chaffee Crossing as an optimum location. Adam Blalock heads Umarex USA and Walther Arms, Inc.
Kyle Parker - ARCOM's students will contribute to the entire city's culture.
New students of Arkansas College of Osteopathic Medicine are a net plus to the entire city of Fort Smith, according to ARCOM president Kyle Parker.
Med Student and Parent Jelena Ivanov
First-year med student Jelena Ivanov is also a parent and new resident of Arkansas, which her family is enjoying.
New Med Student Savannah Skaggs is close to home
Savannah Skaggs is a first-year med student at ARCOM who got the benefit of staying close to home.
Partners Decide to Become Chaffee Crossing Entrepreneurs
This entrepreneur is inspired by the culture of Chaffee Crossing people.
Residents discover more to like as they settle in to Chaffee Crossing
When Steven and Robyn Dawson built a home in Chaffee Crossing, they soon decided to move their business there, too.
Rod Coleman, developer, sees a new culture at Chaffee Crossing.
As the population rises at Chaffee Crossing, many people live in a neighborhood originally developed by ERC. Rod Coleman is interested in offering a new kind of lifestyle.
The Authority: FCRA staff's job is to know everyone at Chaffee Crossing
The FCRA staff's job is to know everyone at Chaffee Crossing
The Nature Center at Chaffee Crossing
All of us are owners of 170 acres of some of the most beautiful property in all of Chaffee Crossing – the Janet Huckabee River Valley Nature Center on the shore of Wells Lake.


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