C’mon, admit it. You’ve bailed on your New Year’s resolutions. Instead, how about just trying something new?

It’s a sneaky way to change up the same old ...

and you may find new friends, new habits, new resolve and new accomplishments. 

We happen to know there are plenty of new things to try! 



Ride a riverfront bike

Swipe a card, take a ride!

New rental bikes await

at Fort Smith Riverfront Park.



Connect with a child

Check in with

Fort Smith Schools’ Partners in Education program,

Boys & Girls Clubs,

Girls Inc.,


The Call,

Boy Scouts,

Girl Scouts,

your church or even your neighbors.

There’s a child you can help. 



Try an art class

All local libraries - Fort Smith, Crawford County Library System, Greenwood,

Fort Smith RAM

and the Center for Art & Education offer art

opportunities all the time! Check monthly in our calendar of events




Try a performance

Attend a live performance (our pages are full of them) or try one yourself. This year, audition for a play. Try an open mic. Sing with a choir. 



Taste a local beverage

Have you tried a craft beer or a locally vinted wine? Start here in Fort Smith or take a short drive to Arkansas’ wine country.

Core Public House

Fort Smith Brewing Co. 

JKC Winery




This very issue is full of hikes to public trails – anyone can join. Try urban trails at Chaffee Crossing, new Van Buren fitness trails or city parks in all surrounding towns. 



Try helping animals

Every non-profit animal welfare organization needs your volunteer time or your donations. Or try adopting a new friend to love.



Try teaching

What skill can you share? Volunteer to lead free, small classes at your local libraries, youth clubs or at your church. Or learn to teach an adult to read at the Literacy Council of Western Arkansas.



Try a new app

Libraries teach patrons how to use new devices to check out materials. Also, try distrx, a new informational app about downtown Fort Smith. 



Try recovery

If you know you need help with something that is harming your life, please make this the day you seek recovery through change, a program 

or treatment. Please accept help and treatment. You are worthy of it.   

Alcoholics Anonymous - find a local meeting link

Narcotics Anonymous - find a local meeting link



Run a race

If you always wanted to try – try it now! Every month our calendar is full of fun runs and 5K races. In March, the very supportive Women Run Arkansas clinics begin. You can run and you can race! 



Try meeting in person

Don’t text. Don’t call. Don’t email. 

Try meeting face to face to make much better connections with clients, friends and family. 



Try a club

Every traditional service club needs young members. It’s cool to be a Lion, a Jaycee, or a Fort Smith Noon Exchange Club member. Women and men belong. You’ll do a lot of good.



Register to vote

Contact the office of your County Clerk. Fill out a paper registration form. The deadline to register in an upcoming election is 30 days before the election date.



Try growing something

Make this the year you grow at least one green thing, indoors or outside. 



Eat something different

What an opportunity to try something new! New restaurants are opening all the time. In this area, you can try American, Asian, Greek, Latin American, Mexican, Indian, vegan, food trucks and more. Make it an adventure to try a restaurant you’ve never tried before. Support local eateries with your patronage.   



Invite a group here

Do you have a chance to invite a professional, work-related, social or family group to meet here, in this area? Contact your town’s

visitors bureau, chamber or city government to see how excited they would be to help you plan a reunion, meeting or

conference in one of our area hometowns.



Earn a patch

Not only for Scouts! The Arkansas Game & Fish Commission has a program for learning outdoor skills. Start at the River Valley Nature Center. Earn a patch for fishing, kayaking, observing nature, archery and more! Try learning new skills in the outdoors. Wear that patch proudly!  



Recycle your stuff

Try to think of clearing out clutter as giving your stuff a new life with someone else. Don’t trash it, donate to programs like the Habitat Restore, church clothes closets, the Salvation Army, Goodwill or others.

Reduce, Re-use, Recycle! 



Try your secret ambition

We don’t know your dream, but try to follow it this year. Maybe you want a promotion. Maybe you meant to write a novel. Maybe you want to start a business. We can’t guess what it may be. But in every issue, we note a world of help, instruction and encouragement offered from local sources. Don’t just read about it and daydream. Do it! Or take your first steps to find out how start. Don’t wait. Try! 




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