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 Jun 03-Jul 27 RAM Summer Art Camp Goes Virtual

 RAM Summer Art Camp Goes Virtual

In July, RAM Art Camp will be held via online Zoom classes. Online registration is open now. 

July 6-9  Summer Sketch Camp Ages 12 – 18

Whether you are an aspiring illustrator, designer, fine artists or architect, keeping a daily sketch practice is vital to the pursuit of any creative field.

Following the sketching processes of the old masters to modern artists, this summer camp will teach young artists the basics of keeping a sketchbook.

Key techniques such as contour and gesture drawing, concept sketching, creative gathering and material knowledge will be explored through video lessons.


July 13 – 16  Trace Rubbings with Found Objects Ages 5-11

Learn about trace-rubbings, also known as frottage, a drawing technique that utilizes “found” textured surfaces to create one-of-a-kind artworks.

Go on your own scavenger hunt for textured materials, learn about fantastic artists and create amazing works of art. You never know exactly how the materials, paper, and mediums will interact together.

This fun class get you on your feet and provides you with a tactile experience that leaves an imprint on both your paper and you!


July 20 – 24 3D Art – Getting your Art off the Page Ages 5-11

This week will be project orientated classes with live and prerecorded videos exploring different media areas of 3-Dimentional art.

The emphasis of this course is to expose campers to 3D art mediums and to build their creative skills through the elements and principles of design.

Bring creatures alive in this 3-D art class.


July 27 – 30. Wait, what is this Medieval Period? Ages 12-18

If you’ve ever wondered why there are so many cute or creepy floating baby angels in old paintings, this is the class for you.

We will also answer why art changed so much in just 200 years, and why it matters. Also, if you are interested in creating a medieval selfie throne, be our guest.

Event Contact Information: Costs vary. See website. 9:00 AM- 5:00 PM. Fort Smith Regional Art Museum, 1601 Rogers Avenue, Fort Smith, Ark. 479-784-2787


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