Company Information

eFortsmith.com Media, Inc. was founded in 2000 by co-publishers Linda Seubold and Lynn Wasson, with a mission to create a city/regional magazine, Entertainment Fort Smith for Fort Smith and the surrounding cities and towns in a two-state area. Its companion online publication is www.efortsmith.com. 

Each monthly magazine collects a diverse, timely choice of cultural, entertainment and educational opportunities for readers and includes feature articles on local leaders, performers, personalities, artists, businesspeople and community members whose activities are notable. 

Of major service to its readership is the magazine's Calendar of Events, the most comprehensive monthly listing of current activities, entertainment and events in any publication in Arkansas, also published on www.efortsmith.com

Publication Information

Entertainment Fort Smith Magazine ceased publication in 2022.


316 North 7th Street
Fort Smith, AR 72901