Enjoy the past in motion in 8mm movies made decades ago and mostly unseen, until now. Entertainment Fort Smith has digitized footage shared with us from family collections, revealing Fort Smith from the 1930s through 1980s. 


Larry Millican captures the beauty of Natural Dam, Ark. in a photo essay. 

Yes, there's a real ABF truck in the Fort Smith Museum of History. The exhibit that goes with it opens Oct. 10. 

This is the first in a series of stories about neighborhoods – beginning with “ours,” because Entertainment Fort Smith’s office is here. Readers are invited to nominate their own neighborhoods for a  “We ♥️ (your street) feature.” – the Editors. 

In the past few years, there’s the most wonderful sound in the Belle Grove Historic District - hammers and electric saws. All along North 7th Street, renovation and restoration is ongoing or just receiving final touches. 

Welcome to our neighborhood. In this issue we launch what we hope will be an ongoing idea – learning about neighborhoods and who loves him, from the people who live in them. We love 7th Street and so do our neighbors. They (and we) will tell you why. 

Climbing Magazine rated it as one of “the Most Difficult Endurance Events in the Nation.” Outside Magazine says it’s “The Wildest Rock Climbing Event in the World.” It happens in Arkansas, Sept. 26-29.

Did you know that wine, art and honey are just a few of the things made at Chaffee Crossing?

For a few years, friends might have thought the strange acronym “PZD” was Kyle Parker’s personal mantra. This month, this urban planning concept that Parker, CEO of the Arkansas Colleges of Health Education, advocated for so passionately is a lived-in reality at Chaffee Crossing. ARCOM students have moved in to The Village at Heritage.

Third-year osteopathic medicine student Jodi Wiley also leads a busy family life while doing a clinical rotation at Baptist Health-Fort Smith.

Meeting Daniel Mann on his second day on the job as FCRA's new executive director. 


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