Do you still send them? This scrapbook might convince you return to real Christmas cards, hand-written signatures, envelopes and postage stamps. 

Helen McLean of Fort Smith mounted the Christmas cards she and her mother, Alice, had saved from 1928 to the 1950s into an overstuffed scrapbook.

“I just couldn't get the picture of what I wanted out of my head and didn't know how to convey it to another person,” Sheila Humphrey said of a piece of artwork made with fabric. So she figured out how to do it herself, with the help of a friend. The result was an heirloom. 

One military mother’s vivid dream has inspired volunteers across the nation to sew more than 230,000 quilts that have been awarded to service members and veterans. Meeting the local chapter of this national foundation, the River Valley Stars, reveals how that is possible. 

Dedicated last month to the City of Fort Smith, a new park at Rogers and Garrison Avenues is a visual gateway to downtown and, historically, a gateway to both the past and future. It has three permanent citizens.


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